Want to learn more about Russia, its culture and peopleholidays and traditions? In this secton you will find useful information about Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, like Ukraine and Belarus, traveling tips and more. It's always a good idea to learn about the culture when learning a foreign language because theese two are so much interconnected and you'll find that many words and expressions reflect that. So why don't we get started?

Russia Map

Visit Russia - Ice City in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Short tour of Yekaterinburg!

Russian Holidays - Shrovetide

Funny Russian video lesson - Squirrels in the park

Russian cuisine 

Find out what Russians eat

Russian jokes

Funny jokes from Russia

Why Russian women are so beautiful

Russian music

Russian radio

Russian oil

Find out how much oil Russia has

Russian language

Learn the facts about Russian language 

Why Russians don't smile? 

Do Russians smile at all?

Why are Russians so angry?


What are Russians like

Do Russians believe in God?

Why are Russians so poor?

Russian business

What is it like doing business in Russia?

Why are Russians so rich?

Do Russians hate Americans?

Are there bears in the streets in Russia? 

Traveling to Russia

Holidays in Russia

What holidays do Russians celebrate?

Who is the richest Russian man?

The richest Russian man is

How to make money in Russia

Tips on how to make money in Russia

Russian Visa

Is it hard to get a Russian Visa?

Russian News

Learn Russian online


What is living in Moscow like?

What Russians think about Americans

Russian accent

Learn to speak with a Russian accent

What Russian sounds like
Is it cold in Russia? White nights in St Petersburg 

Why is Moscow expensive?

Moscow is one of the most expensite cites in the world


How cold does it get in Siberia?

Democracy in Russia

Is Russia a true democracy?

Vladimir Putin

Is Putin ever going to resign?

Russian videos 

Collection of Russian videos

Russian Map

Find Russian cities on the map

Strongest Russian man

Who is the strongest Russian man?

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