Russian idioms in Wikipedia

Some frquently used idioms:


в час по чайной ложке = (literally: a teaspoon per hour) very slowly 

вешать нос = (literally: to hang one's nose) to become upset, depressed

шевелить мозгами = (literally: to stir one's brains) to think

ломать голову над чем-то = (literally: to break one's head over something) to think very hard, try to solve something

работать спустя рукава = (literally: to work with your sleeves hanging down) to do something lazily, unwillingly, without any sign of enthusiasm.

выйти сухим из воды = (literally: to come dry out of the water) to avoid punishment or other negative consequences of one's actions.

собак навесить = (literally: to hang dogs onto someone) to blame someone unfairly

навострить уши = (literally: to sharpen one's ears) to listen attentively






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