Ok, it's time to improve pronounciation! People often have problems with [щ'] and [ч]' sounds. Let's practise them in this funny tonguetwister written by Samuil Marshak, a well-known  Soviet children's poet. Download audio, listen and repeat.

{r >An illustration from a children's book

Щёткой чищу я щенка,

Щекочу ему бока.


Word list:

щётка (feminine, countable) - a brush

чистить (я чищу, он чистит, они чистят) (imp.) - to clean

 щенок (masc., count.) -a puppy

щекотать (я щекочу, он щекочет, они щекочут) (imp.) - to tickle

бок (masc., count.) plural: бока - side


Listen, repeat and practise! Can you say it faster than me? :)  




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