Congrats! You have come here to learn Russian.  As a native Russian speaker I thank you for it.  Although Russia at the moment is not a true democracy right now and human rights are constantly violated, it is still worth visiting.  Russian literature, Russian cuisine and Russian people partially make up for Mr. Putin's dictatorship.  So how do you start to learn Russian?  Learn Russian online of course! Thats why I created this website.  Start to learn Russian lessons for beginners. Then move over to Intermediate Russian lessons. Then learn some advanced Russian lessons and Russian podcasts. Enjoy your stay while you're here & make friends along the way. Make sure you let others know about this website! :) 

Your Russian Tutor, Vyacheslav

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Learning Russian language is easy and interesting. You can learn Russian online using video and audio lessons. Besides the language learn more about Russia.  Get registered, make some friends while studying to share helpful tips on learning Russian. The best way to learn Russian is to start to speak it first. Grammar is important and trust me it will come with time. You can learn to speak Russian phrases with 'How to speak Russian in 30 lessons" course. Speak Russian words and practice your writing skills in Blog and Forum.